Type: Motorcycle Chain
Model Number: 420
Material: 45# Steel
Color: customized
Heat treatment: High Strenth Quenching
Certificate: ISO9001,TS16949
Packaging Details: 1. Film Sealed+box+ carton package/export package. 2. According to customer’s demand.
Port: ZheJiang Port


Model Chain No. Pitch Bush Type Width Pin diameter Pin length Roller diameter Plate Thickness Tensile Weight
Inner Outer
mm mm mm mm mm mm kN kN kg/m
Motorcycle Chain 520H 15.875 Curled 6.35 5.08 19.1 10.16 2.42 2.42 30.5 0.96
520 15.875 Curled 6.35 5.08 17.5 10.16 2.03 2.03 26.5 0.89
630 19.05 Curled 9.5 5.94 22.7 11.91 2.42 2.42 35 1.5
530 15.875 Curled 9.53 5.08 20.7 10.16 2.03 2.03 26.5 1.09
525 15.875 Curled 8 5.08 19.4 10.16 2.03 2.03 26.5 0.93
420 12.7 Curled 6.35 3.96 14.7 7.77 1.5 1.5 15.6 0.55
415 12.7 Curled 4.7 3.96 13 7.77 1.5 1.5 17.7 0.5

WHY US 1. We are manufacturer instead of trading company.
2. We have 10 years history in chain, sprocket and just focus on it, do about 5 years of export trading.
3. It’s the scientific and technological small and medium enterprises of ZheJiang province.
4. Strong technology team and advanced equipment.
5. Short delivery time, equipment is advanced.
6. Price is just above the average in China, quality is strictly according to TS/ISO/ANSI/DIN standard.
7. Price-performance ratio is very high. Mainly exported to middle-high market.
8. Traffic is very easy, about 15 minutes drive distance from railway station and the exit of freeway.
9. You could place trade assurance order to us by Alibaba, Aluminum alloy screw clamp coupling elastic encoder coupling motor screw coupling to assure the delivery time and quality.
10. We accept T/T, D/P, D/A, O/A, L/C payment terms, for small order, paypal, western union are both ok.
11. OEM/ODM are both available.
12. Marking your brand or other character on chain is workable, Nyloon sleeve couplings gear teeth shaft coupling need your authorization of brand using.
13. Mainly exported to Australia,Germany,UK,USA and Europe, Asia.

Packaging & Shipping
FAQQ1.What’s the minimum order quantity?A:500pcsQ2.How long is the lead time?A:Generally 10-20days, it depends the last quantity.Q3.What’s the payment terms?A:50% deposit by T/T, the balance before delivery.Q4.Is sample free?A: Yes.Q5:Who pays the sample freight ?A:The buyerQ6:What’s brand?A: BNTQ7:What’s the website address?A:


What you need to know about sprockets

If you are interested in bicycles or mechanical parts, you may be interested in learning more about Sprockets. There are several types to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some details about the different types. Among other things, you may want to consider their spacing, holes and teeth.

Various types of sprockets

There are several types of sprockets, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Generally, sprockets are selected based on their pitch, which is the distance from the center of the needle roller to the sprocket teeth. These two factors are often used together to determine the speed ratio. For example, a 50-tooth drive sprocket produces a 2:1 reduction ratio.
A sprocket is a wheel that meshes with a chain or track to drive the machine. They are different from gears and are usually designed for a specific chain. Choosing the correct type of sprocket will ensure proper performance and minimize maintenance. The accompanying catalog provides specifications for each sprocket.
Sprockets come in many different designs. These include common bores and roller chains. They also have taper and split taper designs. They can also be made to order. Additionally, these sprockets are available with different mounting options. If you’re looking for a chain, you’ll also need to consider size and spacing.
Sprockets are often used in power transmission systems. They are used with roller chains and silent chains. They reduce speed in a similar way to gears. However, sprockets are designed with high friction surfaces that will wear out quickly unless lubricated. This is why sprockets are usually made of steel, although they can also be made of plastic.
The most common type of sprocket is the roller sprocket. This type of sprocket is commonly used in drivetrains because it runs on a series of pins and rollers that create play between the teeth of the sprocket. They have high tensile strength and are usually made of cast iron or graded stainless steel.
Another type of sprocket is the engineered sprocket, which is stronger and more durable than power transmission sprockets. They are also designed to replace worn teeth without removing the conveyor chain. So if you’re planning to buy a new sprocket, read the manual carefully and make sure you choose the one that best meets your needs.
Different types of sprockets have different pitches and sprocket lengths. For example, chains with large pitch diameters require sprockets with large teeth. Conversely, a chain with a shorter pitch will require smaller sprockets and smaller teeth. Likewise, the pitch of the sprocket and its bore also affects the size of the drive shaft. Knowing the diameter of the drive shaft before buying will ensure you choose the correct sprocket for the job at hand.


There are many factors that determine the length and shape of a sprocket. The number of teeth on the sprocket is a consideration. The higher the number of teeth, the longer the life of the sprocket. Also, the higher the number, the better the wear resistance of the sprocket. Most sprockets have 17 teeth, but they can have more or less. Choosing the correct number of teeth for a sprocket will greatly increase the life of the sprocket and chain. The teeth are usually made of the same material as the sprockets, but there are some removable options as well. Another option is to harden the teeth of the sprocket, which will greatly increase the life of the sprocket. This process is often called induction hardening
While sprockets are sometimes made of metal, some are made of plastic or reinforced plastic. The design of the sprocket is similar to the design of the gear, but it is completely different. While they both have a wheel-like shape, the only difference between them is how they interact with different types of chains. In most cases, the sprocket and chain work together, similar to a bicycle chain assembly.
To determine the correct sprocket size, you need to know the size of the drive shaft, which will determine the size of the teeth. For example, a chain with a 3.5 pitch diameter needs a chainring with large teeth, while a chainring with a smaller pitch needs a chainring with small teeth. Pitch diameter or teeth per inch and bore (the hole through which the center of the sprocket passes through the drive shaft) are the two most important factors in determining sprocket size.


Each spring has two diameters – the shaft diameter and the spring bore. These measurements are important for spring assemblies and cavities. They usually hold a certain tolerance, depending on the customer’s tolerance requirements. Spring manufacturers typically design clearances according to standard manufacturing practices and recommend keeping bore and shaft diameters within a certain tolerance type.


Pitch is a property of a peak frequency that reflects its relative position in frequency space. The spacing of spikes can be measured using a method called neural coding. During this process, CF builds and indexes a series of single-fiber models. Each model predicts the rate response of the AN to any stimulus. These models have no free parameters and are used to find the excitation parameters that produce the most similar measurement curves.
In the past, baseball pitchers used spiked curves to throw harder knives. This type of curveball is similar to a fastball, but with a sharper hit. The resulting speed allows pitchers to throw harder knives. While it’s not a traditional curveball, it can help pitchers improve their QOP score by reducing the time it takes to complete a pitch.
In addition to estimating the pitch, these studies show that the phase relationship between the three harmonics has little effect on the pitch estimation for the pooled interval distribution. This finding is consistent with psychophysical observations of pitch-phase invariance. However, the phase relationship between unresolved and resolved harmonics may have a greater effect on pitch saliency.

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