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        Hangzhou Ever-Power Chain Co., Ltd. was founded in the early 90s, producing chains, sprockets, conveyors and other products.The main products are divided into 9 categories, more than 1900 kinds.There are: standard and non-standard roller chains, plate chains, standard and non-standard conveyor chains, buried scraper conveyor chains, bent plate chains, double-speed chains, double-pitch transmission chains, round link chains, sprockets, etc., widely used Used in machinery, metallurgy, mining, building materials, light industry, petrochemical, electronics, food, medicine, ports, docks and other professional automated production and transportation equipment.
        Our factory has design and manufacturing capabilities. It mainly produces three series of transmission chains, conveyor chains and suspension chains with various specifications. The heat treatment technology and surface strengthening process are used to select and assemble after mechanical processing, and the quality is stable.The whole chain is also pre-tensioned, so it has good strength, stable operation and durability.
        In the future, the company will continue to develop various transmission chains and conveying chains based on chain manufacturing to meet the needs of customers.All users and business friends are welcome to come to inspect and provide valuable advice to our company.

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What is the specification model of this plate chain
         Questions from netizens: The pitch is 15.8mm, the thickness of the chain plate is 2.4mm, the diameter of the pin is 6mm, the height of the chain plate is 15mm, and the pin height is 20mm. (The size of the quantity is a little error but all within 1mm). Specifications and models are urgently needed, troublesome You can check it for me. Did you thank me here? Answer: The pitch should be 15.875mm (fifth or 5/8 inch), the thickness of the chain plate is correct 2.4mm, the pin diameter is 5.96mm, the height of the chain plate is correct 15mm pin Shaft length 20.3mm This chain model is BL534

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